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The best K-Drama or J-Dorama I’ve watched to date.

I was tagged by Cik Nadhirah from She asked me to list The best K-Drama or J-Dorama I’ve watched to date. I've watched many interesting K-Drama and J-Dorama for the past few years and I have many favorite so I think it's hard to choose! But I still have to choose, no escape haha! She said I can list at least three dramas. Three is too little. I'll list five hohoho! Is five enough? I need to think this throughly. It's going to be a tough job to choose. So let's start!


My top 5 favorite K-drama

1. Three Dads One Mom.
This drama has everything. Funny, sad, good storyline, great actors, cute baby etc. I really love watching the characters of the three dads. They are busy yet they tried their best to take care of the baby. The mom in the mean time is clumsy and bothers everyone's mind. The baby is so cute! This is the first drama that I actually feel like crying watching, but I didn't really cry in the outside. I cry in the inside. haha. I love this drama. 

2. My Lovely Sam Soon
Hyun Bin is handsome. This will do? haha! I love My Lovely Sam Soon because watching this drama makes me hungry. The food shown in the drama looked so delicious I want to eat them. Hyun Bin is annoying in this drama but as the drama ends he turned out to be romantic and I fell for him. 

3. Boys Over Flowers
Why I love this drama? SHINee + A'ST1 + SS501 are involved in this drama. My three favorite idol groups! That's why I love this drama to bits. The storyline is great. Annoying at first and everything. I fell for Ji Hoo at first then I like Jun Pyo. I don't like his hair though. XD Why SHINee didn't send at least one member to act in it? 

4. My Girl
Gong Chan is the first K-actor that I found handsome. He's the reason I watched. I watched this drama just to see his face. HAHAHA. Of course the story is great. I still laugh when I watch the funny scenes. Yoo Rin's character is so comical. The OST are awesome too!

5. You're Beautiful
My friend recommended me to watch this and I became addicted to it straight away! The idea of this drama is ridiculous, a girl pretending to be a boy, but that's what that makes it special. The songs in this drama is good too! I like watching interaction between Tae Kyung and Go Mi Nam. Always funny. 

J-Dorama is hard to choose. I watch K-Drama more than I watch J-Dorama. But I'll try my best to remember what I watch and list my top 5.

My top 5 favorite J-Dorama

1. Mei-chan No Shitsuji
Mizushima Hiro is HOT. Like he makes me melts everytime he do things that cam make me melt. I love the concept of having a butler who do everything for us. Watching this dorama makes me want to have a butler like Mizushima Hiro too! No. I don't want anybody else. I want nobody, nobody but you (Mizushima Hiro). Eh, he's married. Never mind.

2. Hanazaki no Kimitachi e
Haha. This boys school is funny. Especially when there's a girl who pretends to be a boy enrolled in. Ikuta Toma and Mizushima Hiro are absolute fun to watch. The best!

3. Seigi no Mikata
Another funny/annoying dorama. The older sister is perfect to everyone's eyes but her little sister's who has been forced to do things by her older sister. This drama is so funny! There is a cute boy too.

4. Kimi Wa Petto
Cute dorama, but not logic. I don't have any other explanation. =_=

5. Hana Yori Dango
This drama comes first before Boys Over Flower. It's the same storyline. But K version has more good looking actors haha! 

These J-Dorama are the most recent that I watch. I don't remember the J-Dorama that I watched before this. Can't remember the title. T_T

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