Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Blown away

Trust. It is funny how some people can easily take advantage of the trust that we have put in them. Saying they will do certain things when in the end they don't even bother. Empty meaningless words. These fake plastic people. You may make a fool of me once, or twice, but once it is too far, sorry man. Oh why should I be sorry for you. I feel sorry for myself for trusting you. How I wish I could save my friends from being your victim. But I am too late.

And I agree with How I Met Your Mother's quote;
Even though some things are meant to be told, it doesn't mean they need to be heard.

It would seem like I am selfish for doing what that quote asked us to do. For instance, not telling people how bad you have influenced people. But people might say I am bad too for telling bad things about people. Let them know by themselves? Or be a good citizen and tell people? Or just ignore?

Decisions decisions.

p/s: Kak Ira dah dapat kerja. Saya masih meh di sini. Bleh.

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