Monday, September 10, 2012


I feel so useless sometimes. I am still jobless after seven months of finishing university. My parents have given me so much. And haven't been able to repay them yet. I have to fix my attitude too, I was so eager to look for job when I finished my practical, now I am getting lazier. Because not many companies answered my application and I feel like giving up already. I feel like I am stuck here and I can't get out.

aww my poor kitty U-Kwon is stuck. /le pulls him out/

I have so many things to think too. Pay my car, pay PTPTN, job searching, convocation, pay car, pay PTPTN, go to Block B concert, marry U-Kwon, pay car, pay PTPTN, have a social life, visit South Korea, memorise all Block B lyrics, dream of U-Kwon in my sleep, job searching, job searching, job searching, job searching, job searching.

My dad asked me to join an essay writing competition. To write about Malaysian's craft. In Bahasa Melayu. It's not that I can't write, my dad even told me I wrote quite good before (le feel proud XD ) but I haven't been making Bahasa Melayu essay since forever. Except when I'm blogging. Or tweeting. XD But tweeting can't be specified under essay though.

I'm still missing my kitty. =(

 Take it off, baby!

heheheheehehe. >///////////<  Kbye.

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