Monday, February 22, 2010

I miss you....

Suddenly I thought of my friends from a website which is closed already on 1st Jan 2009. It was my favourite website before I discover facebook, Twitter, blogger and The website is called T…..ahh…I have forgotten the name. (it’s not my fault... it’s been long since I last checked it out!!) At that time, since I don’t have laptop yet, I always bothered my friend to borrow her laptop so I can surf that site. It was an addictive site for me. Why? It has surveys, quizzes, discussions and many more applications I have forgotten (=_=). The point is they are all cool. I love doing the quizzes. I also love doing the discussions, particularly because there is a person who is always there when I’m online, my friend there: DeKay. I don’t know if DeKay is a girl or a boy, never asked. But DeKay is so friendly. I’m excited to join in the discussion especially when DeKay is there. Besides that, I feel excited to surf that website because I can get in touch with friends who came from all over the world.

The last time I checked out that website was on 31st Dec 08, and there was an announcement there that said the site will be closed on the next day. I was very surprised and shocked. WHY DO THEY WANT TO CLOSE IT????? It was the only site which I surf when I’m bored; it’s the only interesting place where I can hang out (in a web). When this site is gone, at what other site can I hang out??? I don’t want other sites, I only want this… (T_T) I have many friendly friends there, I don’t want to lost contact with them!

When I found out about the news, at that time DeKay wasn’t online. So did my other friends. I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to him/her and to all my other friends there. I was sad and disappointed. I’m missing the times when we’re in the site, chatting and doing discussions. I miss that website so much. The special part about it is my lecturer is the one who introduced that site to her students, including me. AHHHH. I miss them. GUYS WHERE ARE YOU NOW….????



I miss you, =(


  1. kesempatan dan peluang yang ada hendaklah digunakan sepenuhnya..heheheheh

  2. kenapa dgn blog? takde pape.?(tak phm soalan)


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