Tuesday, February 09, 2010

UTeM Library is BIG!

I have been in the new campus for 2 semesters yet I have only visited the library twice! I know I'm unbelievable.

The first time, I only reached the counter in front of the main entrance *to do printing only*

Yesterday, I officially visited the library. I accompany my friend to go there. If not, I think I wouldn't be there.
I went to all floors available to be explored.

Yes, it IS big. And comfortable-looking. I never thought my University library is like this. Woww..~~... very nice. There's even sofas provided. It's very comfortable. I think i will come here just to sit on the comfy sofa. ahhhhh~~~

I think I like it here.

Plus there's free internet access. I can surf my heart out. Yeahhhhhh~~~~

Excited with the library, I borrowed 2 books. Wow! It's been forever since I last borrow any books. Hehe.

Me in library.

Maybe this is a start for me to come to library often. Don't be surprise if you see me there!


  1. wahhhhh~ afiq dh g library~
    mari la besame2 g library lagi.. hoho

    (encouragement yg sgt pelik)

  2. marilah bersama2! *tak pelik pun*


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