Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saya suka jawab survey

20 Good Random Questions Survey from

What is your favorite website?
- Ada byk: FB, thoughts, blogger

Could you outrun a bus?
- HAHAHA....tak mungkin...tak boleh

Would you race a bus sometime in your lifetime?
- takde kerja lain ke..?

You are racing a bus. You get ran over if you can speak what do say?

So far what do you think of these questions?
- weird

Do you keep your Christmas lights up all year?
- saya tak sambut krismes

What is your favorite name for a girl?
- nama saya...?

What is your favorite name for a boy?
- muhammad

What is your name?
- siti noor afiq

Do you like your name?
- sangat suka

What were you last Halloween?
- kat umah..halowen bile?

Do you own a Wii?
- no.. T_T

You and your friends are bored. What do you do?
- sleep? heheeh

Have you ever read the book Pretty Little Liars?
- NO

Have you ever seen the movie Twilight?
- hanya suku movie je berjaya ditonton

So, vampires or werewolfs?
- vampires

Does your boyfriend or girlfriend have stinky feet?
- saya xde bf.. =)

What is your favorite color?
- green, purple

Who was our nations first president?
- Tunku abd rahman (perdana menteri, bukan presiden)

Are you in middle school?
- NO..wish i am..hehe

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