Friday, March 12, 2010

I am hungry and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy

1.Last person who sent you a message?* Liza

2. Last song you listened to?* dun remember.
3. What is people's first impression to you?* quiet
4. Do you like chocolates?* yes. anyone wants to give me one?
5. Most memorable place?* home sweet home
6. Do you read comics?* yes. i was a comic addict. now not that addicted anymore
7. What are your favorite ice cream flavors?* vanilla, chocolate yummyyyyy
8. Do you have enemies?* i don't know.
9. Do you like to go out, grocery or shopping?* both. =)
10. Can you dance?* i think i can (HAHAHAHAHAHA). But not in public *shy*
11. Do you believe in God?* yes, i do
13. Your name spelled backwards..* qifA rooN itiS
14. Where were you born ?* Kuala Lumpur
16. Name one beautiful insect you’re afraid of?* not afraid of insects I think. No. KEEP THAT AWAY FROM ME!
17. Do u like roller coasters?* i do! but never ride it though

18. Chattin with...?*nobody
19 . Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving?* YES. BOTH. Can anyone take me?
20. Are you shy?* i am.
21. Do you think you're popular?* no. I am nobody
22. Fries or Popcorn?* fries.
23. Are you a good cook?* not that good, but my food can be eaten
24. BEST persons in the world?* family, friends
26. Have you ever won an award?* no. T_T
27. What is your favorite pc game?* none. haven't been playing pc games 4 a while now
28. Have you ever baked cakes?* NO. but i've watched Mum bakes cakes a lot of times
29. Last thing you bought at a pharmacy?* dun remember, long time ago
30. Do you believe in ghosts?* yes *scary*
31. What's your favorite song right now?* korean songs (boys over flowers OST)
32. Last song stuck in your head?* something happened to my heart (boys over flowers OST)
33. Any pets?* yes. a cat named Citam
34. color of most clothes you own* purple, red, green, black
35. Last movie you saw?* Adnan Sempit
36. any plans for tomorrow?* stay at home
37. This weekend? going back home sweet home! Bangi, I'm coming!!

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