Thursday, March 11, 2010

Late night entry...or is it early morning?

Hello. It is 1216am and I am still awake, not the kind of thing I usually do at this time of the hour. Usually, at this time, i'm on my bed, sleeping. I could not do that tonight because my group mates and I haven't finished doing our Artificial Intelligence assignment. We have to do an Expert System.

I don't want to write about AI actually, but I want to write about my current Korean drama addiction: You're Beautiful. Fajar just gave me the full episodes. Up until now, I've just wached three episodes. three ADDICTIVE episodes. Huh. Really. The storylines are very interesting, about a girl who has to act as her twin brother to cover him up as a member of a famous all-boys singing group. The drama is Funny+ tense+cool+cute. hehe.

Can you detect which one is THE GIRL??

Looking forward to finish watching


  1. OooooOooo..ini kerja kamu ya???!! stadi2..

  2. afiqqqq!!!!

    welcome to d club

    please enjoy n finish d drama scepat lipas kudung!!

    nnt nk story smbil mkn krupuk ikan made in trengganu smbil duduk tepi jln tgk org lalu lalang dgn penuh excited


  3. baik!!! macam dah takde tempat lain nak story haha. sediakan keropok byk2 ok =)


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