Thursday, June 24, 2010

EKSLUSIF! *Dari diari Afiq*

Tarikh: 14 Feb 2006

I've just balik from skul. I had a weird experience 2day.

1) We had perhimpunan and the teacher put a p'hdg made of ribbon in the middle of the lines of students. I walked in late n I saw my clasmates on the other side of the ribbon. I wanna get through the ribbon when Pn Kay 'scolded' me, n I was lyk 'I'm innocent!' n I hv 2 wait in line 2 get 2 da other side. Hmph!

2) N then time for PK. The 5C girls have 2 go to 5F 2 study n actually I dun bring PK books cos I thought da prize giving ceremony will last until recess. (I'm wrong). So I dun bring any PK books. N da teacher suddenly wanna check the notes in the book. Y today? I said I dun bring n the teacher said smthg unexpected 2 me
'U're getting nakal ni Afiq....!'
I was lyk....huh?

3) We da 3rd group of SJ had to do presentation today. I've wrote 'my part' on da kertas mahjung yesterday to realise I wrote the wrong one. The G-ha's part. One of G-ha's part. Waaaah!!!! How clumsy I am...!

p/s:Ini saya ambil sebijik-sebijik dari diari saya. Memang saya tulis macam tu. Haha.

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