Friday, June 11, 2010

Tweeting on Twitter

I made a twitter account early this year (I think). My twitter account is SitiNoorAfiq.
I put my name so people can search me easily he he.

At first, the only things I knew about twitter are updating my

and following people.

Then, I found out I can reply to someone's tweet. Just click reply

then at the textbox, @WGyenny will appear. I can text my reply to WGyenny.

Then, something occurred to me.
How do I know if WGyenny receives my reply?
All I know is, If I reply to a person who I follow, and that person also follows me, our replies to each other will appear at our home page.
I clicked on WGyenny's profile(for example) and saw my reply to her tweet wasn't there.
Where is my reply?

I Googled.

And discovered the function of
situated at the side bar.
Don't know what is a side bar?

this is the side bar, i don't know what others call it but it is side bar to me =)

So, the side bar has many functions.

Firstly, I can read tweets that mentioned my name when I clicked @SitiNoorAfiq. I can view people replying to my tweets here too. So, if you want to know if someone replies to your tweets , just click this link.

Secondly the Direct Message link is a place where I can receive messages which other people but me can't see. It's like when you are shy to let everyone else know what you are tweeting to someone, you can use this link.

Next is the Favorites link. It will display tweets that you have favourited.
How to favorite a tweet?
Just click a star at the right side of the tweet =)

Then is the Retweetes link. It will display tweets that have been retweeted by you and people you follow.

At the top bar, you have

Home is where you can see all the tweets of people you follow and also your tweets.

Profile is where you can see your tweets only.

Find People is where you .... err ... find people to follow.

Settings is where you can modify your account, background, password etc.

Sign out is where you sign out (i don't know a better explanation =b)

So yeah, I've found out how twitter works! Yayyyyyy~~~~~
I tweet a lot nowadays hehe.
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  1. i still blur camne nk gune twiter...
    tapi lps bace ur entry nih bru paham sket...hik3


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