Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Aduan pengguna, sila ambil berat

Siti Noor Afiq Idris,
2, Jln BM6/13B,
Seksyen 6, Bdr Bukit Mahkota,
43000 Selangor.

Kajang city hall.
15th June 2010.


Cleanliness of Bdr Bukit Mahkota

Our housing area is not that clean these days.

2. The garbage haven't been picked up for many days. We noticed that the garbage lorry did come a few days back but for no reason, they skipped our house and our neighbors' houses around us. Why did they skipped our house? Some of my neighbors organized a wedding last weekend, can you imagine the amount of garbage in their house? Oh, and the smell too. Sometimes out of the blue, a very smelly smell filled our noses. It is very disturbing. Until this letter is written, the garbage are still unpicked.

3. Besides that, look at the grass around our houses. No, not the one inside our house compound. The grass beside the road. The public grass. The grass not planted by us. They are longer than they are supposed to be, right? My parents said the grass has never got this long before. It was always neat. Last week, because our eyes sore looking at the bushy grass, we had to clean it ourselves, which is actually the job of well, you know who. I don't know why they didn't do their jobs. We don't have the grass-cutting machine, we had to do it manually. Using knife, we didn't have the right tool =_=! It was very tiring! Plus, we had to work under the blazing sun. Thankfully I had my MP3 with me, so I can reduce the tension within me.

3. I hope actions will be taken quickly because this environment is not good to be seen or smelled. Please ask the garbage lorry to pick up garbage as soon as possible. I can not stand the smell anymore. And please send someone to cut the grass too. I hope no snake can take advantage to hide in there before you come. I don't want to report a snake later. =_=!

Thank you for reading.

Yours sincerely,

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