Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saya suka Google Chrome tapi....

Google Translate melalui Google Chrome telah menterjemah ayat-ayat dalam blog saya jadi maksud lain. Ini entry blog saya yang dah diterjemah.

I shop at Jalan Reko. Approach to the bus terminal there is no bus to go Melaka and Melaka were no buses down there.

Sign-in shop je tu, a wind smells like oil pierced nose. More delicious smell of lavender coat. I have to go into shoes. Good manners to keep the house in Asia.Moreover, he has carpet floor.

The first things asked by the owner / employee of the shop I Thai is a nation:
1. "Massage?"
2. "One hour?"
3. "RM50."

I say white people, non-dik! I thought he would talk style Kelantan-style, but not all.Look past other customers come, the new notice, the three things that they know talk JE coat. The words necessary to store tu. The rest they say in Thai language.Lagilah I do not know. kih kih kih. Nod-nod kind of understand jelah.

The important thing is they really friendly. People have a friend who went to drink tea sequential sorang one. JAP sharing is caring. Mak aih ... Proper weird taste tea o tu. Not sweet. Strange odor as well. Feel it strange. I do not drink coral-color it. I was exhausted jugak drink haha. Polite, courteous. ^ ^

Entri asalnya boleh tengok kat sini

Saya suka ada guna Google Chrome sebab bolehlah saya faham bila baca blog Tomo! Tak kisahlah bila diterjemah ayat berterabur pun, yang penting faham. Tekan je translate, nanti dia translate satu page tu dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Yay! Terima kasih Google Chrome!


  1. Sign-in shop je tu.. lol.. =P

    lols. kelakar weh terjemahan :))


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