Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Oh! The washing machine has finished washing my clothes!

What should I eat for lunch today? Last night's masak asam is still available. Oh. The washing machine has beeped. Time to hang the clothes. ^^

I want to change the color of this survey, but I didn't have much determination to read the coding and change them one by one.

Maybe I'll change them in the next survey.

If I knew what I was doing, I'd be doing it right now
Created by ashleybayle and taken 9 times on Bzoink
Is there one song that you know all the lyrics to?:

I know all the lyrics to many songs
Have you ever kept an online journal/blog?:

yes, i have three. Four. or is five?
Does eating at McDonalds make you feel guilty?:

no. i'm happy eating at mcd
Would you ever travel to Switzerland?:

yes, why not?
What color was the last hair elastic you used?:

Are you good at painting your own nails?:

yes haha
Do you know what your significant other might be doing right now?:

i have no significant other
Has a cat/dog ever thrown up on your bed?:

yucks. no. nak kena jentik?
Is the window closest to you open?:

Do you listen to Keith Urban?:

no. who is he?
Have you ever ridden a horse?:

no, i think
Is your phone currently set on ring or vibrate?:

ring. i want to hear the ringtone when someone calls
When was the last time you used a hair straightener?:

never used
Have you ever painted on a stretch canvas?:

Are you currently pleased with the weather?:

right now, yes. so cool
When was the last time a stranger complemented you?:

Have you ever wanted to be in a band?:

Do flats give your feet blisters?:

no. sometimes myb
The song you're listening to right now?:

find by SS501, awesome song. love it
Do you ever go on the Internet Movie Database?:

Is there a book you're currently reading?:

no. XD
Do you have any freckles?:

no i think
When was the last time you were frustrated with someone?:

not so long ago
Do you smile with your teeth?:

Have you ever stepped in something disgusting with bare feet?:

Do you like swimming pools?:

i love it. i was supposed to go there yesterday
Have you ever had a concussion?:

i think so. when i was small
Do you normally wear belts?:

yes, kalau seluar londeh ^^
How many dresses do you own?:

Do you read the news online or still get the newspaper?:

Who is your hero?:

Are you able to roll your r's?:

What brand is your digital camera?:

forgot lah
Have you done anything really immature lately?:

i always do immature things
What is your favorite flavor of gum?:

sweet ones
Have you seen the movie The Dark Knight?:

not yet
Are you taller than 5'8"?:

no T__T
Have you ever made a fake ad on Kijiji?:

Do you love messing with telemarketers?:

When was the last time someone scared you?:

don't remember
Have you ever thought someone died when they didn't?:

Do you enjoy cotton candy?:

i love cotton candies!!
Guys with six packs, yes or no?:

hmm....yes XD
What's your talent?:

eating? LOL
Can you crack anything besides your knuckles?:

Do you care how dress?:

what question is this?
Does anyone currently hate you for no reason?:

i don't know
Would you be considered a generally happy person?:

i want to be happy.
Are you a fan of any of those crime shows?:

Have you heard of the actor Nathan Fillion?:

Do you and your best friend have an inside joke?:

Are you a good leader?:

i don't think so
Name something that you would like to learn to

piano, learn korean, japanese
Do you know anyone who has a pet gecko?:

How many pillows do you sleep with?:

Is there an animal that you're afraid of?:

snake, lion, tiger
Have you ever wished on a shooting star?:

Would you ever go bear hunting?:

with companies, yes
Are you a fan of winter?:

yes *although have never been in it*
You've been totally Bzoink*d!
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Oh no. I can't hang my clothes. They have come. Aihh. I was too slow. Maybe my clothes will be hang in the evening T__T

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