Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Nothing interesting on TV in the morning

Good Morning! Answering survey is my favorite past time if I have nothing else to do. Breakfast this morning, I'm having curry puff and nuggets. Just want to let you know haha. I got a visitor from Japan again today. I have been wondering if that person from Japan is Tomo. Tomo, will you leave some footprints behind? Wait, does he understands English? =b

TV gets boring sometimes.
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What will you be doing tomorrow?: relaxing at home

Did you meet anybody new today?: no. not yet

What is your favourite TV show right now?: GLEE, but I forgot to watch it last night +_=

Do you have a current obsession?: yes

Do you make any art?: think i do

What colors go well with your eyes?: black?

Is clear skin something you look for in a boyfriend or girlfriend?:

hm..i love looking at clear skin. idk

Do you like to take your time or rush things in general?:

depends. i prefer taking my time
Would you go out with somebody you just met or do you have to be friends?:

i don't go out with strangers.
Do you like any magazines in particular?:

no. i read any magazines
Is it okay to laugh really hard over corny jokes?:

depends haha
Do you have a habit of falling for people already in relationships?:

not really
Do you flirt with people more than people flirt with you?:

i don't flirt!
Would you ever rescue a dog from the SPCA?:

Are you a pancakes kind of person, or waffles?:

both. yum!
Has your best friend ever called you when they were high or drunk?:

my friends are never drunk
Do you let people see you in homey pajamas?:

i let my housemates see me in my pajamas
When you hug, do you tend to \:

tend to what?
Is it okay when people play with your hair?:

its uncomfortable
Own anything argyle? What about plaid?:

What\'s your favorite kind of cake?: mom's and delicious cake. carrot cake is good.
If you had to kiss one of your \:

Do you make your friends\' S.O.s jealous or angry?:

i don't know, ask them
What\'s your ideal dinner date like?:

in a hotel. a lot of food hehehehe
Do you like yourself?:

Have you stolen anything recently?:

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