Wednesday, December 14, 2011


My dear Onew :x ,

It's your birthday! This is my second time celebrating your birthday! yay! I'm so happy! :x :D
We are so far from each other... i wished i'm nearer to you so that i can wish you happy birthday face-to-face but we are not. I love you the moment i see you dance that sexy Hello wave :haha: until now and my love is still the same (although other SHINee members keep changing their positions in my bias list but you're still top) 

You are one of a kind
You inspire me to live life better.. your polite personality.. *dies* 
Your voice can make me melt
Your smile is to die for
Your happiness is my happiness
You are special
You have my heart.
I love you.

May you be healthy, happy and shining always!! 
Lee Jinki!

Happy 22nd/23rd birthday! :x >:D<

how can there be someone as polite like you. i don't need to explain how polite he is. Go stalk him and you'll know. My precious tofu tokki.. :3

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