Thursday, December 15, 2011

Heavy SHINee Spazzing Post

So SHINee's The First has been released. Yay! *jumps jumps* It was released days ago but i didn't have the will to spazz about it on the actual day. Busy you know. Busy listening to the awesome songs. =3
Awesome Japanese songs. The album has 13 songs. 6 new songs.

My favorite song is Always Love.
I fall in love with the song immediately after listening to the beat. T^T
Jonghyun's sweet voice. gahh..
Key's unique bold voice.
Taeminnie's voice. he has improved so much. I can't. T_________T I approve him to sing me a lullaby before i sleep now. T__________T
Minho too. he sings!! ><
I love the bridge part. JongOnTaem. wuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... Taemin's rock voice high note. T____T
I'm in love everytime i listen to this song.
Thank you SHINee!!!

To Your Heart.
Omo. Onew's powerful voice! So powerful! <3
His high note. <3 <3
This song is so energetic.
Can make you feel energize.. er.. yeah. XD

This song is like English pop songs.
The beat. hehe.
I love it!
So refreshing!
I made it as my alarm to wake me up on lazy mornings (every morning), but i can't hear it much cos my phone is crazy. so yeah. XD
i want to start.. to start....... to start.....

The sexy song. :3
It has a Justin Timberlake feels in it. i don't know why i feel that lol. Onew's voice is so sexy in this. mwahahaha. But not as sexy as in Shout Out song lol. Jonghyun's voice too. :3
But the lyric- crazy seesaw. eh? what does it mean? *tilts head*

I call this the robot song. The electro-like beat. Key's kind of song. XD

My 2nd favorite song. T____________T
i don't know how to describe.
it's just a good song.
Pleasant to listen.
Better. who sang that line? Jonghyun or Onew? who?
His pronunciation >___<

SM Entertainment released a Christmas Album and SHINee sang Last Christmas!! *fangirling* I have heard of this song before, it's an old song, sung by WHAM! and I love it! I wish i can hear SHINee singing to it last year, and this year SM granted my wish! lol! I'm so happy!!!!

I'm in love again while listening to that song. T______________T
Their English.. aww my babies. Onew's perfect as always. Jonghyun is okay, Key of course. and Minho. Taemin's still awkward lol. Not a problem to me, it's not their language anyway. =)

Onew singing chorus. *dies* my babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy T________T my life is almost complete. T__________T and his high note. gahhhhhhhh ><
i love his line: i wrap it up and send it with a note saying i love you i meant it, now i know what a fool i've been but if you kiss me now, i know you'll fool me again. *dies* i won't fool you onew. ><

i end this spazz with a picture of Onew from The First album. credit to owner.

smexy + cute = smeute? XD


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