Friday, January 27, 2012

Phone Dilemma

My precious mobile phone has started acting up. It doesn't want to ring when people call. In fact, it doesn't want to play the song i ask it to play. In short, it is acting like a mute phone although i can still hear it beep when an sms comes in. The only sound that comes out from the phone is the beep sound. Why phone? Whyyyy? D: What did I do wrong to you? Do you want me to change into Samsung Galaxy S 2 so bad? Huh? Wait until I have money first! I don't have enough money!!!!!!!! =(

Well at least I can still surf the web using that phone, although it always lost the connection. And then when I want to delete the sms in the inbox, it takes forever, or I have to switch it on and off many times. It has many flaws lately. -sighs-

i have always wanted a clampshell phone like this:
but this phone (lollipop) doesn't have Wi-Fi feature. I want a phone which have WiFi. D:
ahh it turns out, clampshell-type of phone doesn't have WiFi feature. -sad-
Other brands design or clampshell phone is not as cute as this! T_T

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