Monday, January 30, 2012


Now I know how it feels like breaking up. I feel like my heart is being stabbed or shot by an arrow. The pain was unbearable. I even cried for approx two hours. I did. And the pain stayed for two days. I still feel the pain now. It's the third day. And my heart is still breaking like a glass being dropped to the floor. It hurts so bad. And what makes it even more hurtful is that you still love that person, and that person still loves you, but you had no choice but to end it. And you miss that person so much and you feel like dying because you used to see and talk to that person everyday before that mess happened. And now you both barely see each other.. you barely see that person anymore and it makes your heart hurt even more because you used to be so close.

Roleplaying is bad for my health. And emotion. And sleeping cycle. -le cries-

I become like this because I have difficulties to differentiate Roleplaying and Real Life. It's my problem. Maybe I'm the only one who feel like this. I am such an unprofessional Roleplayer. Sorry G. But i really love you. I haven't seen you around anymore. Eventhough it's only been one day, but it feels like a week. One day is long time, right? I feel so guilty because we have been distant all of a sudden. -le sighs- Being the person who I chose to become is not an easy thing. I'm so sad it ended this way, seriously it breaks my heart. I have never cried for two hours before! This RP is really something! >_< Why am I talking my heart out here? I should have talk you. I want to tell you, but i can't. I'm a failure. I still glance at my Message, I glance at my wall, in case you leave a message. I'm so pathetic. And why am I still hoping? I shouldn't be. I'll try to keep my plan to be on a hiatus until Friday. And if on Friday i don't see you replying to me.. i guess, that's it.  -MW-

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