Thursday, February 02, 2012


I am in Barcelona, Spain right now. Yeah. You read right. I am in Spain. -dances- Well, I'm not really in Spain actually, only a part of me. A small part of me. My picture. HAHA! My Dad is in Spain right now. And he will also go to New Zealand, Italy, Belgium and I forgot another two countries. Work matter + some sight-seeing. Hey, at least my dad bring my picture with him. Not only my picture, the whole family picture of course. Tehehe. Have fun wherever you are Dad and family picture! Oh how i wish i can fit into his bag. I want to feel how -5 degree feels like. I want to feel how if feels like  in a 4 seasons country. One day Afiq. One day. =)


  1. alolo. ni mesti rindu ayah ko ni kan? =)
    my dad used to travel a lot mcm ayah ko. tp skrg ayh ak dah duduk johor. keje kt sana. weekend je balik KL. sian ayh ak.

    1. REALLY? TAK TAHU PUN!!! aku ingatkan Ayah ko duduk dengan korang. -terkejut besar-

      eeehh mesti penat. ><

      um.. rindu. =)


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