Friday, February 17, 2012

Nobody touch the remote control tonight.

Why? Because it belongs to me. Because tonight is the premiere of Pride and Prejudice on Diva Channel. 8p.m. I love this movie. So much. Their love story is just. LOVE. Wait i actually don't remember how the storyline is. I forgot. It's been forever since I last watched it. No, I don't buy the DVD. I'm not a DVD person. I'm the kind who waits for HBO or Cinemax or FoxMoviePremium or Diva Channel to air it on TV. =)

Keira Knightley and Mr Darcy. I don't know what is Mr Darcy's real name. Sorry, but you know I love you.
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By the way, I love English movies in this time setting. 19th Century. Why? Because I love their outfits. Hehe. Girls and women wears pretty gowns, corsets (which i see as suffocating, i can never survive if i have to wear it, i need to lose some weight before i can wear it but that is not the point here). And the men seems so gentlemen-like with their suits.

If I'm not mistaken this movie/story is about two people Elizabeth and Darcy who falls in love with each other but neither of them tell each other their true feelings. I think I remember being frustrated watching because they didn't confess. -pulls hair out- That's all I remember. I need to refresh my memory by watching it again tonight. I can't wait!

Have I told you  i love Keira Knightley? I haven't? Let me tell you now. I LOVE KEIRA KNIGHTLEY! She is so pretty, and i love her acting, in this movie and in the Pirates movie. <3 <3

Waiting for 8p.m. <3 <3

p/s: I'm so hungry. I have no desire to eat, but I am hungry. @.@

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