Friday, March 30, 2012


So one day, I was Roleplaying(RP) in facebook like any other day. My first Roleplay is KBB, but now I rarely go there anymore I don't even know why. I hang out more in another roleplay called K-Men. Maybe most of you don't know what roleplaying is. For short, roleplaying is where you pick a character and play as him/her. Since I have nothing better to do at home (minus cooking, washing, TV and wait for work email which never come) i spend most of my time roleplaying. At least I can keep myself from dying of boredom.

There are many good side and down side of roleplaying. One of the good side is you can make many friends. I notice many of my RP friends always say that friends they make online are better than real life friends. Not 100% true but it is quite true. It's like they understand us better. Coax us when we feel down and things like that. Like when i say "I'm hungry" then automatically they will post food pictures for me to eat virtually. I wish those food are real. Real life friends, when I say I'm hungry, they'll be like "go eat." hm. Okay.

Downside. There are many. But one of them is when you get too attached to someone in that RP and when you don't talk to them in one day or when they suddenly deactivate their facebook because of the drama in the rp, you tend to feel there's a huge hole in your heart and leads you to crying for two days. True story. I cried for two days, not exactly the whole 48 hours, but when something bad suddenly happened between me and one of my closest friends there and our relationship isn't the same as before anymore, you just feel something is missing in your heart and it aches your heart. I'm not a crybaby, I don't cry easily. And that incident made my tears fall like heavy rain. Can you believe it?

After that incident, I try to not get too attached to the people i'm rp-ing with although it is kinda hard to do. My friends in the rp world came from all around the world; Philippines, Finland, USA, Singapore, Indonesia, Canada, Malaysia also have hehe, etc. So if my rp friend is not from the same region as me, we will have this boundary called The Time Zone. Right now I'm roleplaying with a Finnish friend, her time is minus -6 Malaysian time. If my time is now 12pm where i'm already preparing to eat lunch, she just woke up because it's 6am in Finland. So our time to rp together is quite limited, only 12 hours. Minus her time at school etc etc it's less than that. I now sound like I'm a full time rp-er. Maybe I am, for now lol. Like I said, I have nothing else better to do at home (jobless).

I know I won't be a full time rp-er forever, so last night I told Strawberry (a nickname I gave my Finnish friend) that I won't stay up late like I always do before once I start working. I always sleep late at 12am to rp with her because yeah of the time zone. I usually sleep at 10pm. 12 is very late. and then I also told her that I won't be rp-ing much once I start working. I think it's a different story between practical and real work. during practical I can still rp because I really have no job to do and I think i'd die if i don't rp. In real life work later, no, I won't risk it. I want to be a dedicated worker. No playing while working. And I'm guessing when I come home after work I will be very tired and will be lazy to online. I might not have time to rp at all, but I said to Strawberry "I won't have that much time to rp anymore". She who told me she wanted to take a nap suddenly cancelled her nap plan. I told her to nap but then she said, "I don't want to nap after knowing that we will spend less time together."
Oh Strawberry. I really love you, you know that, right? And I will seriously miss you. and Bunny, and Lamp, and nieto, and umma, and sis, and Everything noona..

A couple of days before, something bad happened in another rp i'm in and it resulted in two people who are close to Strawberry to deactivate their facebook. Strawberry was very sad that they left and recorded a video of apology to them. I helped her to deliver the video via twitter. She cried in that video, begging and apologizing and everything. I have nothing to do with that drama, but my heart breaks seeing her cry. In the video, she said those two people are like her "life". RP world for some people is a place to have fun after stress at school/work. I wonder if I go later someone will cry like that for me. 

I love my rp friends so much! We are all very far apart but i'm glad we meet each other in the rp world. Internet connects people. I love you Internet! I love you facebook! I love you AFF! I love you Strawberry, Bunny, umma, sis, Lamp, mimi, rainbow noona, who else? everyone!

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