Monday, April 19, 2010

My Diet During Exam

Diet means food.

Last week, my housemates and I went shopping at Jaya Jusco. Although there are SALES card boards dangling everywhere, but that's not the main reason why we were there. That's not even a reason. By the way, if you're wondering the SALES have 50% off and 70% off. I saw the discount at the bag section. I think my sister would be very happy to see it. Hohoho. Shopaholic out there, are you excited? Come to Jaya Jusco Melaka then! Or any Jaya Jusco at your place. And shop your heart out till you drop.

Of course, we didn't go there. We went straight to our destination: the shopping center. The place you buy kitchen goods, toiletries, food and everything. I forgot the name of the company. Ish...

Since during exam week we feel lazy to go out and buy food, we decided to cook. There are no proper cooking utensils for us to use, we only have two rice cookers. So the goods that we bought were the ones which can be cooked in a rice cooker. We bought onions, anchovies (I miss anchovies!! T__T), tinned sardine, tuna, eggs etc.

For the first few days, we ate sardine. To add to the taste, onions were cooked together with the sardine. At least, it's not just sardine. Felt like I was eating at home. We also fried eggs. I was quite satisfied with what I ate because finally I EAT SOMETHING OTHER THAN CHICKEN!! Woohoo!

On the third day, I felt like eating anchovies. I fried them first then fried onions to be put on top of the anchovies. Yeah, we put onions in almost anything we cook. Onions are good, right? The smell that came out was OHHHHH.....mouth watering. I LOVE ANCHOVIES!!

Oh. While I was taking the plactic with anchovies in it, I saw something that surprised me. The expired date for the anchovies was on 18th of April, the day I decided to cook it. I didn't know anchovies have expire date! Since it expire yesterday, my friend was "teragak-agak" to cook it today. There are still some left! What a waste! Wuu....I want to eat more anchovies!!!!

I don't know how long I can stand eating these everyday. When I finally feel like eating fried food again (nasi goreng etc), I think I'll go out and buy. Think I'm starting to miss those food now. My hand smells like sardine now. Huhhhh...

p/s: Feels like going back home. Hm..

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