Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Dah Siap Kerja

Random questions for bored people
Created by tigrahawk and taken 1631 times on Bzoink
What are you doing in 2 hours?: surfing the net
What is the last thing you ate?: kuih sedap
Who is the last person that visited your home?: orang nak buat rumah
How many of your top friends have seen you naked?:
How many of your top friends have you seen naked?:
Where is the last place you drove?: kedai surat khabar, long time ago
What are you doing Saturday?: relax at home
If you had 5 minutes to talk with any politician, who would it be?: prime minister...?
What would you ask them?: hm...can we take a picture? XD
Do you love your job?: not working yet
How many pets are roaming around your house?: i wish there were one
When is the last time you told a family member that you loved them?: long time ago too hahah >_<
How often do you work out?: very rare
Who is the last person that made you angry?: don't remember
You're stranded alongside the road. Who do you call first?: parents
Name the last 3 TV shows you watched.: news, ilusi, spongebob
Why does your co-worker piss you off?:
If you had to spend an 8 hour car ride with 1 person, who is it and why?: Han Byul/Tomo..bcos thay seem like fun to hang out with
When is the last time you showered?: evening
Who is the last person to ride in the back seat of your car?: never had been
What 3 items do you buy every time you go grocery shopping?: snacks, snacks, snacks
If you had to eat 1 food every day for a year, what would it be?: rice
Who is the last person you texted?: abah
Why didn't you answer the phone the last time it rang?: i didn't hear it
What is the last concert you went to?: concert? in form 3. rabbani
When is the last time you saw number 5 on your top friend list?:
If you had to be a member of a TV sitcom family, which one would it be?: i want to be in GLEE
Name 3 things from your childhood that you still have today.: teddy bear, blanket, books
What is the last lie you told?: i don't lie much
Who is the last person to get drunk with you?:
How many bones have you broken?: zero?
Who is the meanest person you know?: there's someone
Who is the loudest?:
Who is the funniest?: is there anyone funnier than me? XD
Who is the hottest?:
Is there anyone in your life that you tolerate, but wish they were gone?: yeah haha *bad girl*
What do you want to be doing 1 year from now?: work
You and your ex are trapped in an elevator. What happens?: i'll play with my handphone
What is the last fast food you ate?: bread
When is the last time you were in a hospital?: long time ago
What did you dream about last night?: did i dream? don't think so
Have you ever stole anything? If so, what was it?: i think i've never been a stealer
Do you think mullets are sexy?:
What is the last thing that made you uncomfortable?: masak, lepas tu meletup2 dalam kuali ish
Ever yell at someone for not washing their hands after using the bathroom?: no
If 2 of your top 8 friends said they had a crush on you, what would you do?: froze with eyes wide open
When is the last time you danced?: weeks ago haha
Someone breaks into your house while you are in bed. What do you do?: panic. call police
How did you first learn your "limit" when drinking?:
Who is the one person you DON'T want to come to your wedding?: couldn't think of anyone
What is the last article of clothing you bought?: trousers
How many different people have you kissed in the past month?: 3. mom, dad, sis. kiss their hand
Who is the smartest person you know?: dad
Who is the dumbest?:
Who is the craziest?:
Who is the last person to fall asleep on the couch with you?: mom
Wild night of drinking with friends or quiet night at home with bf/gf?:
12 hours at work or 12 hours cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, and garage?: the 2nd one
Who is the next person you want to see?: tomo. i'm actually waiting for him to update his blog
Who was the last person to say "I love you" to you?: dad? hehe
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