Thursday, December 23, 2010

3P Memories

Tekanlah play..baru feeling sikit.. :)
SHINee: Romantic

Almost three weeks of my precious semester break holiday were sacrificed to attend this course. 3P-CCNA. 9a.m. until 5 p.m. CCNA only. CCNA everyday. Wake up CCNA. Sleep CCNA. Eat CCNA. Dream CCNA. *OK that's a lie. I don't dream in my sleep gagaga* 

CCNA is Cisco Certified Networking Academy.

This is not normal CCNA course. Most of the class have finished their CCNA1 until CCNA4. But I haven't. I have just finished CCNA3 before that. A week before the 3P class starts actually. *I sacrificed almost one month of my preciousssssssss (Gollum's voice) semester break when i summed it all up T_T* CCNA4 will be taken next semester.

People said that CCNA is hard. Hard to score. Why? Because the passing mark is high. You have to get 825/1000 to pass. I know it's high. It's scary. Really. Some of my friends who take other courses said their passing marks are just at the range of 600-700 only. So does this mean CCNA is hard? Because the passing mark is the highest? YOu shouldn't discriminate CCNA. *pats CCNA's shoulder aww...*

Our instructor is a Filipino. Mr. Jeff. He is a really nice instructor. Wow. He came all the way from The Philipines just to teach us CCNA? :) He likes to learn Malay language. Sometimes he say to us what new words he learnt. He taught us some Tagalog too. One word that I remember is manok. It means chicken.

On our last day, we took pictures together. Pictures credit to Kak Aai. 

 Can you detect a Filipino there? There, 2nd from left, wearing green stripes shirt. His look is not much different from a Malay guy, right?

 The flowers in the class with Mr Jeff.


Mr. Jeff, thank you for teaching us. You are a great instructor. I passed!!! Alhamdulillah. It's worth it. :)

p/s:I'm sorry if I didn't interact with you much. My English-self is shy. Haha. Have many things to say but..the words were stuck in my throat. :b

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