Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm waiting for you

I'm waiting for this:

SHINee first concert T-shirt!!!!
But mine's not going to be in that color. 
It's gonna be darker. 
And not the same at all. T.T
I wish the color is same. I like this color.
Waaa... blame the maker! They use different color without telling first.
What's the point of having a T-shirt we wanted so bad with different color?
This color is unique maybe, so it's hard to find this color. 
But that's not an excuse!
It's still not the same! T.T
But there's nothing I can do. 
The T-shirt's already been made.
I don't know when it'll reach my house.
I hope it'll reach soon.
Although the color is different, I'm still gonna love it cos it gos Onew's name on. :)
Huhu...if only the color is the same... it would be nice..

I hope Taemin's T-shirt color is better. 
Yes, I bought Taemin T-shirt too :D


p/s: anyone knows where to buy these t-shirts with the exact color? 

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