Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Bachelor

I wonder how the people who takes part in the reality show The Bachelor really feels. I mean, from my understanding, that show is like a show to find your true love. 10 girls battle to fight for love from one man. The girls have to do whatever it takes to win that guy's heart. There's also intimacy involved, kissing and stuff. The girls only kiss one guy, while the guy kisses with 10 girls. The girls get cheesy with one guy, while the guy has to get cheesy with 10 girls. The guy must have a lot of ideas in his head, or he uses the same cheesy lines/acts lol. I pity the guy, because all the girls treat him very well, and he gets to choose only one to be the winner/ to get married. I also pity the girls because from what I watched, some of them really falls in love with that guy and if they lost, they have to forget that feeling? Some girls even got mad when she is not chosen to the next round, she was furious. Maybe because she really loves that guy but the guy doesn't feel the same way. Pity. 

That bachelor is handsome and young. He is a British. The first British who takes part in that show. Where are all the other Americans? Are there no eligible bachelors in the US anymore? -joke- But i don't find them attractive that much anymore lol. I'm more to Asian guys now. coughOnewcough. Hm. I miss Onew. How are you yeobo?

yea, i know, i always rant about TV shows lately. That's what I do everyday! Tonight! The second last episode of Scent Of A Woman omg! I can't wait! But i don't want it to end! ><

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