Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I still haven't thought about what i want to do- post studying. Work? Continue study in Japan? Become a full time chef at home? I have searched for some jobs at online websites but i haven't found any job that i can take. Picky? Maybe. I want to work at a place near to my house. Besides, i have transportation issues. I can never get away with this issue. Until my father decides to give me a car or a scooter or anything that can makes me move here and there easily, it will never be solved. Gah i actually dislike carpooling with office mates, i hate troubling people, i just want to move around without bothering people. i don't want to burden people. i hate it.

some of my friends have started working. some are working in the IT field -related-. One becomes a BM teacher -totally unrelated-. And she is a chinese. She is a Baba Nyonya. She is my twin, different parents and different year of born. XD We have the same birthday. But she doesn't have Degree in Education. How can that school accept her just like that? -tilts head- But anyway, i'm happy for her. At least she is now working! Another one of my friends works as i don't know what but unrelated to IT field too. Wow. My dad suggested me to apply to become a kindergarten teacher. ME? A TEACHER? KINDERGARTEN SOME MORE? i'm not good socializing with kids. what if the kids pee on me? What if they cry and don't want to stop crying? What if they like to disturb other kid? Meh.

i'll start searching for work again tomorrow. 

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