Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I didn't want to post my picture there because i roleplay as a character who is so different from myself. And I don't know, it just feel so wrong to post my picture. And B and G had to push me to post my picture. -dies- G is really pretty, should i feel lucky? lol. I don't know how she feels after seeing me. -is sad- I hope G won't feel different about me. She is allowed to have a changed heart. I don't know if i did the right thing. When i saw K's pic at first, i couldn't erase that image from my head and it bugged me for a while while roleplaying. It took time for me to tell myself that RP is RP and RL is RL. I love G very much as a friend, i really do. And B and K and S and C and everyone close to me there. G trying to reach me using her mobile internet while she was away from home was so touching. it really hurts not being able to talk to her for 4 days and she made an effort to waste her credit on me is just...gah. I love you, G. 

she's my closest friend there. From when i'm J to i'm M, she's always right by my side. i love you G <3

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