Sunday, November 07, 2010

Snail Gosiwon featuring Tomo

Finally, Tomo's drama is aired! Woohoo~!!! I thought I will not be able to watch him but I did! Thank you Internet for making this happen! Yayyyy..

I watched this drama online at KBS streaming site , thanks to @rrylol for tweeting this. Its Korean premiered so there are no subtitle available. I understood like 1% of the words they said. LOL. Never mind. The main reason I'm watching is TOMO. If I'm lucky I'll watch it again at KBS World with subtitle on  27th November. For those who haven't watched or just want to watch again you can get yourself glued to the TV on that day alright? If I'm not mistaken it will air on 10.30 p.m. or something. Make sure you get the right channel: KBS World!

I don't really understand what the story is all about *obviously, because I can't understand what they're talking*. My main focus is Tomo. When Tomo appears I'll go 

When he talks I can help but laugh. He talks Tomo-style! Very funny. Plus, in that drama his character's name is also Tomo. So I think he's just being himself. But less wild and funny than his normal character. In reality he is much wilder and funnier than that. Wild in a good sort of way, that is. XD. Oh. He talks Korean and Japanese in this drama. Yay! 

Now lets see some pictures of the drama. I got these from

Tomo is at the back! Trivia: Do you recognise the two men in front?

Eating together. Tomo has little dialog in this scene..almost no dialog? He is the first one on the right. *Since he has little dialog, he focuses on eating. He eats full-heartedly! Typical Tomo. LOL!*

"Why are you guys talking while eating? Concentrate on the food!"Tomo thoughts. Kehkeheh..

Tomo, keep up the good work! Will always support you! Ganbatte!

credit to @hype8750 as well =)

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